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What you need to know about NSCC Ivany campus

nscc ivany campus

Located on the Halifax Harbor, the NSCC Ivany campus offers spectacular views of the city. The campus also features free on-campus parking. It also boasts a Centre for Built Environment, a collaborative space with research and learning labs. Students from across the province can work on projects at the Centre. The campus also hosts an online radio station operated by students enrolled in the Radio, Television and Journalism program. The student radio station features original work produced by students and award-winning faculty.

Student housing

The announcement that Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) will be building more student housing at their Ivany campus is welcome news for local students and residents. Daniel Turner, a student at the college, Click lives outside of Dartmouth and applauds the province’s move. He believes the new housing will improve accessibility and sustainability for students. He says he’s confident that the school has enough space for the new residences.

The construction of the new student residences at NSCC Ivany Campus is set to start in 2024-25. Several public tenders have been issued for the project. The site of the new residences will be located next to the existing parking area and close to a popular multi-use trail.

The campus is home to the Centre for the Built Environment (CBE), a building that integrates the built environment and natural environment. This building is more than eleven thousand square feet and includes a building systems monitoring research lab. The data collected here is used to help students understand and improve the built environment.

Online radio station

The NSCCC Ivany campus features a number of exciting features, including free on-site parking and stunning views of Halifax Harbor. The school also has an emphasis on sustainable building practices, and the Design and Innovation Centre is a hub for research and learning. In the centre, students and faculty work together to produce new technology and products. The campus is also easily accessible by public transportation.

The NSCC Ivany Campus hosts an online radio station called the “Platypus.” The college has five academic schools, which offer more than 120 degree programs. The college offers courses and specialized institutes that address the labour market needs of Nova Scotia. Its students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while attending classes that are less expensive than university degrees.

Environmentally-friendly campus

The NSCCC Ivany campus is environmentally friendly and designed to encourage the use of sustainable building practices. Its green roof and living walls are a showcase for restorative design, blending built and natural environments. The campus also participates in Nova Scotia’s Solar Electricity for Community Buildings pilot program.

The Ivany campus is home to a living wall, which was originally designed to test the effects of permanent living walls in colder climates. It is visible and engages the community, as well as the college community. It is a good example of how the college can be an environmental leader in the area. Although it has a long way to go, it is already taking steps to improve its energy efficiency.

In 2019, NSCC recertified its STARS Gold Rating for sustainability. This is the highest score among Canadian colleges and universities, placing it in the top four post-secondary institutions. The university first received this rating in 2013, and has since implemented many more sustainable measures. For example, a compost system supports the cafeteria’s organic waste, and hydration stations keep thousands of plastic bottles out of the waste stream.

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