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What you need to know about CUNYfirst Lehman

CUNYfirst Lehman is a new student management system that replaces Blackboard. It also offers email and calendaring solutions. It also enables students to transfer their graduate credits. Learn more about the benefits of the new student management system by reading this article. You can also find out how to use it if you are currently enrolled at Lehman College.

CUNYfirst at Lehman is a new student management system

CUNYfirst at Lehman will provide the university with a modern student management system and an integrated student information system. It will replace legacy systems and integrate data from across the university. Faculty and students will be able to use the system to manage their accounts, check grades, and register for classes.

The college is part of the City University of New York (CUNY) system. It has been recognized as one of the nation’s top five public higher education institutions for student diversity and commitment to socio-economic mobility. Lehman is ranked fourth among colleges for social mobility, Click with 44% of undergrads receiving Pell Grants. Its enrollment includes first-generation college students, and over three-quarters are students of color. The college is committed to helping students rise above their circumstances by providing a quality education and a strong work ethic.

It offers calendaring and email solutions

CUNYfirst Lehman offers state-of-the-art email and communication solutions. These tools allow students to stay connected, send and receive email, share calendars, and chat with others. CUNY recently migrated student email to a new version of Microsoft Office 365 for Education. During the transition, some users may need to make configuration changes on their devices.

It replaces Blackboard

A new learning management system is replacing Blackboard at CNYFirst Lehman College. Canvas is a cloud-based system that allows instructors to create and edit course materials right from their computers. Faculty who have used Blackboard in the past should have no problems switching over. In fact, new faculty members should find the transition easy.

To switch to this new system, faculty members should follow instructions provided by the campus’ Blackboard representative. The new software will make online course work faster and more convenient for faculty and students. If they’re unsure about the transition, the Office of General Studies and Online Education will provide training for both faculty and students. Faculty should visit the CUNYfirst Lehman website and click on the “Blackboard 9.1 Upgrade” tab.

It allows for transfer of graduate credit

Transferring graduate credits from other institutions can be a difficult task. Transferring from one college to another often involves back and forth, complicated paperwork, and limited time. However, Lehman has been making major strides to ease this process for students. The Articulation of Credit Transfer project focuses on streamlining the credit transfer process and addressing a key problem facing American higher education. Many students transfer from one college to another without knowing how to count their previous credits towards the degree requirements at the new institution.

With the help of technology, Lehman College has implemented a new process called Electronic Transfer Credit Evaluation. This process has already saved the college over $20,000 in administrative costs by streamlining the transfer process.

It requires epermits for graduate students

Students wishing to attend a graduate program at Lehman College must first submit an application to matriculate. These applications must completed with all required documentation and put forward for review by the faculty. Students can do this online, or by contacting Lehman directly. If you are applying from outside NYS, be sure to request an epermit in advance of the start of your studies.

Students are not allow to matriculate into more than one graduate degree program at Lehman. Graduate students cannot enroll in a Master of Public Health and Master of Arts degree programs at the same time. Graduate students must also obtain an epermit for each graduate course taken.

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