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What Is Brightspace Pulse?

Brightspace Pulse is a mobile app that enables learners to stay connected with their courses, assignments, readings, and evaluations. It provides a clear visual representation of your course calendar and alerts you when new grades or canceled classes are released. The app also provides a visual weekly summary of your progress.

Course content Brightspace Pulse

With Brightspace Pulse, you can keep students updated with real-time alerts for content changes and due dates. Students can view calendar events and respond to notifications by setting the Due Date and a start and end date. Students can also edit and submit quizzes right from their mobile devices. They can edit their quiz descriptions, Click due date, and more.

Brightspace Pulse also offers an easy way to view course content, such as grades and assignments. It also allows you to subscribe to topics and receive notifications of updates. Notifications can be sent to your email address or posted to social media accounts.


Brightspace Pulse provides notifications to teachers and students on their workload, schedules, and grades. It also allows students to add personal milestones and customize the way the workload appears on their device. Students can even change the language for the notifications so that it reflects their personal preferences. Brightspace Pulse is available in global app stores.

Students can get notifications when their teachers add grades to their grade book or tagging them in discussions. They can also see their weekly workload on the Work To Do tab, which displays due dates for content and activities. Each day is listed in a graph, and clicking on an activity will take them to its details. Once there, students can quickly fill in any schedule gaps.

Adding organizations

Brightspace Pulse supports multiple logins so that you can switch between multiple Brightspace instances. You can also receive notifications for multiple accounts. Simply tap the Menu icon on the Brightspace Pulse app to switch between accounts. From here, you can also add or remove new accounts. You can also change your settings. The current active account is indicated by a Checkmark icon. If you have outstanding notifications, you can tap the red notification dot.

Brightspace Pulse also allows you to mark assignments as done and view grades. It also displays your schedule and lists new items from different courses. You can also subscribe to topics and get notifications whenever other users mention you. If you are not using Brightspace yet, you can sign up for the service using alternate login.

Adding schools manually

Adding schools manually on Brightspace Pulse can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, the system does not allow you to do this automatically. There are several reasons why you cannot automatically add schools to your platform. These include an error message or a missing URL for the organization or school.

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