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Umiami Canelink – What is Canelink?

If you’re a student at Umiami Canelink, you’ve probably heard a lot about Canelink, the online application system used by students. But what exactly is Canelink? The system works like a wiki, and the list of links that students can use to apply to UMiami is editable. Read on to learn more about Canelink and what it can do for students.

Umiami’s new student information system, CaneLink, simplifies the registration process and has a more sleek aesthetic. It also features more user-friendly self-service items, such as a schedule builder. Students can now find all their class schedules and check advising holds with ease. Students can also run degree progress reports, sign up for waitlists, and select classes for future semesters.

The mobile version of the CaneLink app focuses on the student’s experience. It displays class schedules in calendar or list view and gives students the ability to print the schedule and export it to an email system. Students can also create multiple class schedules to see the schedule for multiple combinations of classes.

Student experience

The new Umiami CaneLink student experience is more user-friendly and has a sleeker aesthetic. Students can use it to find and register for classes, see their academic and financial records, and view their schedules and payment details. It also includes a schedule builder to make the registration process easier.

CaneLink was formerly known as MyUM and launched in 2013. It was originally a web-based application system, but UMiami updated it to include a mobile version. While the mobile version was well received by students,Click it still had issues. Here are some ways to solve the problems with Canelink:


The University of Miami’s CaneLink registration schedule is based on the academic calendar. It is designed to provide a schedule for students to plan their schedule, as well as advisors. The calendar contains individual appointment times for students, as well as a deadline for adding or dropping classes.

The new CaneLink registration system is easier to navigate and has a more sleek aesthetic. It also features user-friendly self-service items such as schedule builders. UM students who participated in beta testing have said that the new system has simplified the registration process and made it easier to navigate. Students say that the new CaneLink is much more intuitive and easy to use.

Mobile app

The UMiami Canelink mobile app is a comprehensive resource for navigating campus. It includes campus maps, a directory search, events on campus, and videos. You can also find faculty and student contact information. The app also includes social media feeds and news feeds. Additionally, it contains links to important modules, such as Blackboard.

To develop the current version of CaneLink mobile, the University of Michigan worked with a company called HighPoint, which has experience working with higher education institutions. The idea of a mobile version was first conceived during the transition from the previous MyUM app to the new CaneLink. It is easy to navigate through CaneLink, even for new users. In fact, Thomas Sullivan, a UM student, said the app made the transition easier than it would have been if he had not worked with UM.

Another notable feature of the new CaneLink mobile app is the ability to view and print schedules. Students can access their schedule in calendar or list view, and can also export it to their email system. It also allows them to create a multiple class schedule, which allows them to visually view many combinations of classes.

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