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How to Use D2L PDX at Portland State University

You may already be familiar with D2L PDX, or the web-based course management system, as a PSU student. However, you may not be familiar with how the system works, or how to navigate between the different systems. If you have never used the D2L system, the Office of Information Technology provides a range of D2L how-to guides. If you have any questions, you can always contact the IT department in your college for technical assistance.

Login D2L PDX

The D2L pdx portal is the online learning management system at Portland State University. You can log into the portal using the PDX URL and official website. This will allow you to access your courses in D2L and access course materials. If you have a different URL, check the browser’s settings.

After logging in to your account, you can access your notifications and courses. There are also options to adjust your profile and change your account settings. You can also check out the global Announcement widget on the left-hand side of your D2L homepage. This will notify you about any important updates to the system.

‘My Courses’ menu D2L PDX

The ‘My Courses’ menu in a D2L PDX course provides a quick and easy way to access a course’s content. It also provides links to course home pages and the Manage Content module. There are also links to your gradebook and the Discussions tool, which allows you to create new discussion topics and moderate existing ones. This menu is very helpful when you are working on a course that has many different sections.

Depending on your role, the ‘My Courses’ menu will display courses grouped by term. You can choose which courses are visible in a particular term or semester by using the directional arrows. You can also select a specific tab to make it active. For example, if you are a learner,Click the ‘Grouped Courses’ tab will show all the courses from all semesters. However, if you want to view a specific course, you can select the ‘Pin’ icon to adjust its visibility.

Creating a quicklink is another way to quickly access a particular topic or module. It’s similar to creating a topic or module, but it can open an external web page or URL. Quicklinks can be inserted anywhere in the content of a course.

The ‘My Courses’ menu in a D2L course provides access to your online courses. You can view your course content and read lecture notes, or find the syllabus. You can also access course tools and communicate with your TA or instructor. There is even an option to view live lectures over the internet. Finally, you can access the roster of your class. If you have questions, you can also contact your instructor using D2L mail.

D2L pdx is the learning management system used at Portland State University. It is a virtualized teaching and learning portal, which provides students with access to academic resources and a safe environment. Using d2l pdx, you’ll have 24/7 access to academic resources.

Email system

If you’re taking classes through PSU, you’ve probably used the D2L email system. This separate email system is separate from the PSU Gmail account. You may prefer to use one or the other, depending on your instructor. If you’re new to the system, the Office of Information Technology offers a number of how-to guides and technical support.

To forward your emails, open the D2L email system and click on “Forward incoming messages to another email account.” In the “Forward incoming messages to a different email account” field, enter the email address you want the message to go to. You can also mark your incoming messages as unread in your D2L account.

If you’d like to print a message, click the print icon in the Message Preview section. The message will then be printed in a cleaner format. You can also send a message as an attachment, such as a PDF file. You can also reply to a message by clicking the “Reply” button. These options are provided to help you save time. However, you must ensure that the email account is properly configured for sending and receiving messages.

Grade book

When grading, you can update your grade book in D2L by adding new columns and categories. However, once you have done this, the calculations will not transfer from Achieve. Instead, you will need to set up the calculations in D2L. However, it is possible to export the list of grades in CSV format. This format can be read by programs such as Microsoft Excel.

If you are using the D2L pdx version, you can add the Grades Setup Wizard to help you set up the system. This wizard will guide you through the process of creating grade items and categories. It will also help you determine how grades should be calculated.

In the Grades area, click the “Options” link. In the Options tab, click the “Grade Calculation Options” link. Select the appropriate grading system and set your preference. You can also select the color scheme for the grade scheme. This setting will affect how the grade is displayed for your students.

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