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How to Navigate SMU Brightspace

SMU Brightspace is a portal where you can take online classes and manage your class schedule. To get started, you can register for courses and login to your account. Brightspace also has some great features such as Authorized Access, which generates a login account for an individual. In this article, you’ll learn about these features and how to navigate the site.

Register for courses

To register for courses in SMU Brightspace, students must first login to SMU Student Portal. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the global navigation bar and look for the “Waffle” or “Grid” icon. Click on this icon to see a list of available courses. Once you have the list, click on a course name. You can then add or drop courses to your schedule. Registration takes approximately four to eight hours.

Brightspace is a learning management system designed to increase efficiency and interaction among students and instructors. It is a web-based system that offers personalized shells for every course. It allows instructors to provide content and grade assignments, quizzes, group projects, and more. Depending on the course, Brightspace also allows instructors to provide feedback to students.

After you’ve entered your CRN, you can now view your courses. You can also filter your list by “Planned” to enroll in future classes. You can also delete any courses you’ve added but didn’t complete. If you don’t like any of the courses you’ve selected, simply select “Remove from waitlist” and click “Save”. You’ll then see your schedule and a message stating that your registration was unsuccessful.

Once you’ve logged into SMU Brightspace, you can upload documents and photos. You can even upload multiple pages. To do this, simply click the upload button and your document will appear in your Brightspace homepage. You can also use Brightspace to sign up for classes and courses. To sign up for a course, click the Self Service Banner link.

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