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Cherry Creek Schools Adopts New Strategic Plan

In order to improve the educational experience of students, Cherry Creek Schools has adopted a new strategic plan. This plan focuses on instructional, workforce, and operational excellence. Excellence in all areas is a priority for Cherry Creek Schools. Learn more about the new strategic plan and what it means for the district. This is a good thing! This new plan will make it easier for Cherry Creek Schools to meet its goals. Here’s a look at what this plan will look like.

Cherry Creek Schools

The Cherry Creek Public Schools are a school district in western Arapahoe County, Colorado. The district has approximately 900 employees, including more than 700 teachers. The district’s superintendent, Christopher Smith, is retiring on January 22, 2021. He has said that he will be missed. However, the school district is looking for a new superintendent. The district is looking for a superintendent who will bring more transparency to the school system.

In addition to providing teachers with the resources they need to teach their students, the Cherry Creek School District encourages parents to become involved. A school board meeting is held each month at 7:00 pm. The school board is committed to providing quality education for all students and encourages citizen involvement in its schools. Its members believe that quality education is a responsibility shared by all, so it’s important for parents and students to be involved. The district also offers a number of professional learning opportunities, including a new teacher orientation and over 300 district-level classes.


The innovative approach to learning is a core component of the Cherry Creek Schools Curriculum. This approach aligns the core content curriculum with Career & Technical Education (CTE) standards and industry standards. The idea is to encourage student engagement and achievement through the implementation of career-focused learning pathways. Throughout the district, innovative learning environments are designed to encourage collaboration,Click foster creativity, and support design thinking. The curriculum is also integrated with the district’s STEM initiatives.

Unlike most public school districts, Cherry Creek’s reading curriculum is aligned with Colorado Academic Standards. As a result, literacy instruction is purposeful, systematic, explicit, and grounded in the science of reading. Teachers deliver instruction in Cherry Creek schools using a workshop model. This format includes a standards-based mini lesson and work time, which includes small-group and independent practice. Finally, the lesson concludes with reflection opportunities and next steps for students.


The new Cherry Creek Schools facilities will open in June. They will be located in Greenwood Village, Cherokee Trail, Eaglecrest, Grandview, Overland, and Smoky Hill. The new schools will follow strict guidelines. Located in Cherry Creek, the facilities will help students and staff prepare for career-oriented educational programs. A tour of the new facilities is available online. For more information, visit

Staffing guidelines

The Cherry Creek School District serves 55,000 students in nearly 70 schools. Its core focus is inclusive excellence and preparing all students for college and careers. Students are provided with opportunities that promote thinking, collaboration, and innovation. The district’s innovative approach is based on Career and Technical Education (CTE) and aligns the curriculum to STEM standards. This approach empowers students to choose their own career path and is a critical part of a school’s mission.

Cherry Creek’s district is comprised of the communities of central Centennial, east Centennial, and Greenwood Village. The district is governed by a board of directors, elected “at-large” by residents of all parts of the district. Board District D serves central and east Centennial, while Board District E covers far east Centennial, Aurora, and unincorporated Arapahoe County.


The Cherry Creek School District is one of the best in the state. This district offers high-quality instruction with a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes science and technology. Students in Cherry Creek Schools receive a solid foundation in math, literacy, and the arts. Cherry Creek Schools also offer STEM curriculum, which includes advanced coursework and inquiry-based learning. The school district also pledges to develop a strong workforce for its students. Its accreditation reflects its commitment to these goals.

Most of the Cherry Creek schools use the Lucy Calkins curriculum. However, 20% use other programs. Despite this, none of the schools use the state-approved core reading program. While Colorado schools are not require to use the state-approved core reading curriculum, they can select from a list of approve curriculums. Each of these curriculums has review by state reviewers and has found to be scientifically or evidence-based. However, the district does not have a comprehensive core reading curriculum.

Career & job fairs

Career & job fairs are a great opportunity for students to connect with local employers and learn about career options. During the Cherry Creek Schools career & job fair, students will have the opportunity to meet local business representatives, participate in informative breakout sessions, and view immersive demonstrations of different career fields. These events are free and held at the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus. Whether you’re looking for a summer internship or an entry-level job, these events are a great way to get connecte.

The Cherry Creek Schools district is looking for substitute teachers and has been experiencing a critical shortage of these professionals for years. If you have a Bachelor’s degree and a Colorado Teacher License, you may want to consider working as a substitute teacher. This will allow you to work in one of the highest-achieving districts in the country, earn a higher hourly rate as a ‘Super Substitute,’ and start your path to the teaching profession.

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