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Asma Shirazi is a prominent Pakistani journalist, political commentator, and television host. She currently hosts a primetime current affairs show on Aaj News. If you are a fan of her work, here are some facts about Asma Shirazi. You can also learn about Asma Shirazi’s salary and family. You can find out about the latest Asma Shirazi news here.

Asma Shirazi Column BBC Urdu

Asma Shirazi’s column on the BBC Urdu website has received criticism from politicians and journalists. It was written by a woman journalist, whose article on Imran Khan’s private life was not considered journalism. In fact, some colleagues questioned why the column was published. Some said that Shirazi had crossed the ethical line and that she had been biased because of her close ties to the opposition leader.

Asma Shirazi Column BBC Urdu
Asma Shirazi Column BBC Urdu

But Asma’s troubles don’t end there. In addition to her criticism of the ruling party, she has also faced harassment for her critical reporting. During her government tenure, the ruling party pushed her column to a lower-ranked position, inviting attacks and hate from the opposition. However, the current government has increased online hate campaigns and CFWIJ has been documenting the situation. Physical threats have also been made against her in the past. Her residence in Islamabad was broken into.

Ms Shirazi was criticising the government for mishandling the economy. While she didn’t name the prime minister, she made numerous references to pigeons, needles, puppets, and black goats. The article sparked outrage among several local journalist organisations. Asma Shirazi’s BBC Urdu column is an example of a journalist speaking her mind and criticising the government.

Asma Shirazi Latest Column

The PTI government’s recent attacks on Asma Shirazi’s latest column have led to a series of inflammatory reactions. The government vilified Shirazi, accusing her of putting her political allegiances ahead of her professional integrity. The government claims that Shirazi is biased and criticized her for saying that Imran Khan is a “black goat”. The column was published on the BBC Urdu website and has attracted many scathing reactions from the public.

Asma Shirazi Latest Column
Asma Shirazi Latest Column

Asma Shirazi’s column has become a lightning rod for political smear attacks, and the PTI’s official account is flooded with pictures and videos of Shirazi’s previous works. Her criticisms of the government have led to allegations of political bias and a hostile response from pro-PTI social media users. Asma Shirazi has been a target of online trolling before, including links to websites that run out of India. The government is known for intimidating journalists for their views, and this is what has happened to Shirazi.

The BBC’s website also banned Asma Shirazi’s articles, while the PTI leader Iftikhar Ahmad has accused her of’spreading falsehood’ by making up stories about the first lady. Many journalists have publicly condemned Asma Shirazi over the last few days, despite her continued support for the government. In addition, the ruling party’s official twitter account and some of the premier’s close aides have condemned the journalist.

Asma Shirazi Family

Asma Shirazi is a Pakistani journalist, political commentator, and television personality. She hosts a primetime current affairs show on Aaj News. Below we’ve listed some of her social media accounts, as well as her estimated net worth. Read on to learn more about her. A Shirazi is 52 years old.

Asma Shirazi Family
Asma Shirazi Family

Asma Shirazi has a net worth of at least $1 million, based on various online sources. It’s also important to understand her source of income, as her salary is the primary source of her income. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how her lifestyle has changed over the years. Despite her recent change of career, she remains an active and inspiring member of the Ffamily.

Asma Shirazi’s career began as a reporter with Geo News. She later moved to ARY News as a news anchor, and in July 2010 she joined SAMAA TV. Also hosted two famous Parliamentary Affairs talk shows. She has also co-hosted the popular news show “Faisla Awam Ka.” She has covered several major events, including the 2006 Lebanon War and the Pakistan-Afghan borderline conflict in 2007.

Asma Shirazi Salary

Asma Shirazi is a prominent journalist in Pakistan. She is a political commentator and a journalist who has worked with different Pakistani channels. Shirazi received the Peter Mackler Award in 2014 for her fair journalism. She began her career as a radio presenter for Radio Pakistan and later joined Geo News. In 2006, she became the first female war correspondent for Pakistan, covering the conflict in Lebanon.

Asma Shirazi Salary
Asma Shirazi Salary

Asma Shirazi has multiple channels which she runs on her own. Her salary depends on the quality of her work. Asma Shirazi’s salary is unknown, however, it is estimated that she earns about Rs 50 crore per show. Shirazi has an estimated net worth of $33 million.

The government is attempting to silence Asma Shirazi through social media trolling and harassment. The government of Pakistan uses the daily wage social media workers to spread its propaganda. Shirazi says she is the victim of the same harassment as men.

Asma Shirazi Age

Asma Shirazi is a Pakistani journalist and political commentator who currently hosts a primetime current affairs show on Aaj News. Her age is 52. She was born in Islamabad, Pakistan. Asma is a Taurus and wears dress size 8 (US).

Asma Shirazi Age
Asma Shirazi Age

Shirazi is a journalist based in Islamabad, Pakistan. She started her career in 2001 with Geo News and has since worked with numerous television channels. She is also name the first female war correspondent for the Lebanon War in 2006. July 2010, she joined ARY News. In June 2011, she became a vice president at the news network and was a senior anchor. In 2006, she also reported on the conflict between Israel and Lebanon.

Asma Shirazi’s parents are Pakistani and she was raise in New Delhi. In her early years, Shirazi hosted two popular television talk shows. One of these shows, Parliament Cafeteria, was ban after the government of Musharraf clamp down on independent news coverage. In October 2014, she joined BOL News as Senior Anchorperson and Executive Vice President. She has won numerous awards for her work.

Asma Shirazi Spouse

Asma Shirazi is a prominent Pakistani journalist. Born in 1976, she studied political science at the Punjab University and later joined the Geo News. In 2006, she became the first female war correspondent of Pakistan. Her coverage of the 2006 Lebanon war made her famous in the country. Asma is married to journalist and businessman Samir Khan. Their divorce was announced in 2011.

Asma Shirazi Spouse
Asma Shirazi Spouse

Asma Shirazi has an estimated net worth of $1 Million to $5 Million. Her net worth is estimate based on various online sources and her monthly salary. Several online sources claim that Asma has a good lifestyle. Her husband, a former minister of the PML-N, has a good amount of money. However, his total property is unknown. Nonetheless, Asma is not poor, and she is not poor.

Asma Shirazi’s height and weight are not know, but she is still alive and still in her fifties. She was born on May 2, 1968, in Pakistan. She wears a dress size of 8 (US).

Who is Asma Shirazi Husband

Asma Shirazi is a Pakistani journalist and political commentator. Shirazi was born on May 2, 1968 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Her career started with radio moderating in Pakistan and then moved on to Geo News. In 2006, Shirazi became the first female war journalist in Pakistan. She reported from the Lebanon War and the Pakistan-Afghan borderline.

Asma Shirazi Husband

Asma Shirazi is still alive and has no children. Her parents are N/a and she was born on a Thursday. Her birth flower is Hawthorn and Lily Of The Valley. She earned her riches as a Journalist. In 2014, she became the first Pakistani woman to win the Peter Mackler Award for Courageous Journalism. She also enjoys drinking alcohol and eating Desi food.

The journalist began her career with Geo News in 2001. Since then, she has worked with several channels, including ARY News. Shirazi has also appeared on various TV programs, including the renowned AAJ NEWS. She married her longtime boyfriend, Mohammad Abbas, in 2005. Asma Shirazi Husband is an award-winning journalist who has contributed to the national dialogue.

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Asma Shirazi is a prominent television anchor who has her own talk show on Dawn news. She is an experienced political analyst and one of Pakistan’s senior journalists. Born in 1968, Asma Shirazi is a graduate in political science and has vast experience in reporting on the country’s most important issues. In addition to her current show on Dawn news, she hosts several news talk shows for different television channels.

Following the release of ARY News’s report, PTI supporters have reacted with hatred and violence towards Asma Shirazi. One such attack came from Dr. Shabaz Gill, who accused Asma of attacking other women and calling on Shahabaz to reveal his financial accounts. He further implied that Asma Shirazi had received bribes. This has further weekend Pakistan’s reputation abroad, but the country’s core values of respect for women should not be compromise.

PTI’s official Twitter account has previously responded to media criticism. In a post, PTI’s official account posted a video of an old telephonic conversation between PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and Asma Shirazi. Shirazi’s credibility question and she was accuse of bias, but PTI’s official account retweeted the tweet and rebuffed Bokhari’s response.


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