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Accessing Your Records Through the Army HRC Portal

Logging in to the army hrc portal is the first step toward accessing your military personnel records. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find several options for accessing your records. Among those options are accessing reports and medical and dental readiness requirements. You can also find documents that cannot be filed in iPERMS. The next step will be to select the right option for your situation and start using the portal.

Logging in to the army hrc portal

Soldiers can log in to the Army HRC Portal to manage their career records and other personnel information. This web-based system is a tool for Human Resource Personnel, Career Managers, and other stakeholders. To use the portal, you must have a Common Access Card or High Security (128-bit) password. You can also login using a military email address, if you have one.

Accessing reports Army HRC

To access reports through the Army HRC portal, you must have a Record Manager role. If you have this role, you can view records for other Soldiers and conduct a Personnel Records Review. But you cannot sign any records unless you have the Record Manager role. In order to access these records, you need to sit with a Soldier and record manager at the same desk. You can also perform queries on reports.

The Army HRC portal has an informational website for employees and enlisted soldiers. It allows you to view your evaluation and pay and see what improvements you can make. The system can be confusing, but it’s easy to navigate and can help you get access to reports that you need. You can also access Army HRC reports in PDF format, which are more reliable and easier to view than a paper copy.

Medical and dental readiness requirements

For Soldiers to be able to serve in any branch of the Army, they must be medically fit. This includes having regular Dental and Optometry examinations. They also need to have Periodic Health Assessments. In addition, commanders play a critical role in maintaining unit medical readiness. Through the Commanders Portal, they can communicate effectively with medical providers and make deployability decisions. The Army has also made policy changes to improve the availability of virtual health. The operational programs will augment the military medical treatment facilities with resources that can provide the necessary care.

A Soldier’s Medical and Dental Readiness Class is important to his deployability and readiness to serve in the Army. If he or she has any of the following conditions, the commander will have to make the determination of deployability. The commander must follow guidance regarding reporting readiness requirements. If a Soldier has a DL code of 3 or 4, they are not medically ready for deployment. However, a Soldier can request a PEB if the condition is not related to the mission. In addition, a Soldier must be medically and dentally cleared before deploying.

Documents that can’t be filed in iPERMS

There are certain documents that cannot be filed in the Army HRC portal. These documents contain PII that is not authorized for filing in the portal. The Army Privacy Office has specific guidelines on handling PII. For example, a document containing multiple Social Security Numbers (SSN) or DODID numbers is not approved for filing in iPERMS. If a Soldier has more than one SSN,Click they should annotate the SSN on the top right corner of the document. In addition, they must black out third party PI. Any documents containing these types of PI will be deleted and will not be returned to the user.

Record Managers are personnel whose official duties include conducting record reviews. While all Soldiers can view their own personal records in the Record Review Tool, only Human Resource professionals with the Record Manager role can view the records of other Soldiers. In addition, if the record review tool is missing any documents, the Record Manager will need to upload them. To upload documents to iPERMS, follow the guidance in the Scan and Upload Documents Webpage.

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