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What Is Fudgelling?

The Web is fill with examples of fudgelling, but what exactly is fudgelling? This article explains what the term is and provides examples from the Web. There are many different types of fudgelling, but this article focuses on one type of fudgelling in particular. The term is also frequently use to describe an over-the-top way of writing a sentence. In this article, we’ll discuss the definition of fudg elling, and where to find examples of this humorous writing style.


Fudgelling is a term dating back to the eighteenth century and means “to pretend to work,” despite not being actually working. Many people are guilty of this habit, which they may call “quiddoing.” Oftentimes, they’re found staring intently at a computer screen, or typing without looking, when in fact they’re probably updating their Facebook status or updating their accounts. Whether they’re actually working or not, fud gelling has become a widespread problem in the workplace. So, let’s talk about how to stop fud gelling, starting with a catchphrase: “stop fud gelling!”

Examples of Fudgelling on the Web

Fudgelling has many meanings and has been around for centuries. The term fud gelling’s is eighteenth-century English and means pretending to work but not doing so. Fudg elling’s Latin equivalent is nudiustertius. An archaic form is selcouth. The basic stance of the White House is untenable. In a world where information overload is a common problem, it is understandable that researchers and marketers would fudge data. Despite this, fewer new drugs are approve each year due to researchers and scientists’ ability to manipulate data.

Definition of Fudgelling

If you’re not familiar with the word fudgelling, it is a common workplace habit that originated in the eighteenth century. It means to “pretend to be working when you’re not.” These days, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between people who are typing and those who are staring at a computer screen. Some people even update their Facebook status while staring at a computer screen. In the end, it’s impossible to tell whether you’re doing anything at all. Thankfully, “stop fudgelling” should be the new catchphrase for your workplace.

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