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The Meaning and Popularity of Farnoush

There are no known frequency and name days for the name Farnoush. No famous people are named Farnoush. But if you want to find out more, read on. We will look at the meaning of the name and its popularity. Also, find out the numerology of this name. You may also be interested in these related articles. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below. And remember: if you know of any other names that sound similar, please do share them in the comments section below.


If your name is Farnoush, it is likely you have a natural gift for gab. A name meaning also implies a generous spirit and a desire to help others. People with this name are also creative, artistic, and disciplined. They strive to achieve peace and harmony, and are known to be problem-solvers. Lastly, people are idealistic and compassionate. You will find people with this name to be able to inspire others and motivate them.

The name is of Persian or Iranian origin, and means “forever proud.” A princess named was known for her intelligence. Farnoush is also the name of a Persian emperor who ruled Iran for seven years. People born under this birth sign are likely to be independent and ambitious. If you have this name, you are bound to have ambitions to lead others and gain power. Intuitive and resourceful, she also has excellent taste.


The name is of Persian / Iranian origin and means forever proud. Farnoush was a Persian princess known for her great intelligence and beauty. She was also known as a trouble-shooter. People with this name are often characterized as romantic, artistic, and disciplined. The culture has many facets, and it is the product of several factors, including her love of nature, art, music, and animals.

According to the US Census Bureau, 76.2% of people bear the name. This number is based on a graph that shows the total number of views the name received in each country. The darker the blue on the map, the more people searched for it. Also, the longer the bars in the bar graph, the higher the level of interest. The data provided here shows that the name is popular across the United States, but is still relatively rare in other parts of the world.


Did you know that the first name is popular? This baby name is popular in both the U.S. and in the United Kingdom, where it ranks number one on the popularity chart. This chart shows the number of searches for Farnoush by country. The darker the blue on the map, the more people are likely to search for this name. If you’d like to share your own opinion about, you can contribute to the name popularity project.

The name means “forever proud”. It originated from a Persian/Iranian princess of royal blood. This name also suggests a strong sense of optimism and an ability to persuade others. People born under the birthstone are very creative and incredibly intelligent. If you’re considering the name Farnoush, consider yourself lucky! And remember: not everyone with this name has great taste!


The Numerology of Farnoush reveals that this person is dedicated, family-oriented, responsible, idealistic, and optimistic. These traits are characteristic of someone born under this sign. However, the personality traits associated with this number are varied and may differ from person to person. For example, People are often artistic and creative, while others may be more pragmatic and rational. Either way, they are idealistic, caring, and hard-working individuals who strive for peace and harmony.

The name Farnoush is an unusual one, with only five occurrences in the U.S. per year, according to U.S. Social Security Administration public data. The name means “song bird” in Urdu, and when spelled backward, it is pronounced Hsuonraf. If rearranged, the name Shanufor will appear, making it an unusual choice as a last name.

Meaning of Farnoush

The meaning is “gift of gab”. This unique first name denotes a great deal of creativity and imagination. People with this name are romantic, creative, and disciplined. They strive for peace and harmony and are highly idealistic. The most popular traits associated with the personality are optimism and an uncanny ability to write. They are also known for their keen sense of humor. They are excellent communicators and problem solvers.

The first name is Persian in origin. It can mean “ever proud”. Is the name of a Persian princess who was famous for her intellect. One of the most uncommon names in the United States, but it is popular in Iran and other parts of the Islamic world. In fact, Farnoush is the second most popular name in Iran. And if you were wondering how to pronounce Farnoush, then you’re not alone.

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