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Socialism, the Failed Idea That Never Dies

socialism the failed idea that never dies

Socialism, the failed idea that never dies, has a lot to recommend it to anyone looking for a good read. The book is available at Amazon in pdf form and you can read it online at the Institute of Economic Affairs. If you’re not sure if you should read it, you might consider reading this article, which will shed light on the Third phase of socialism. Afterwards, you can discuss it in the comments below.

Venezuelan socialism

Venezuelan socialism is a failure of the worst kind, despite the fact that it was once a flourishing middle class nation. The regime brought about utter ruin, and many Venezuelans still embrace the socialist ideology. In fact, they are taught that socialism is great from an early age. Venezuela once had a thriving middle class, and the country’s governments were far from perfect. However, in the end, it proved to be a mistake to embrace socialist regimes.

Third phase of socialism

The Third phase of socialism, begun by the October Revolution, is now coming to an end. Its propulsive momentum is waning and the possibility of political, economic, and cultural renovation is weakened. The future may be more violent. This article will explore the various aspects of this abysmal regime and its possible alternatives. Listed below are some of the major problems it faces. In some cases, it is not possible to avoid it, but the only alternative is to be prepared to deal with it.

Not-real-socialism defence

The Not-real-socialism defence consists of the argument that socialist regimes have failed. In the past, socialist societies have enjoyed a honeymoon period, in which leading Western intellectuals praised their achievements and promoted them. When the socialist experiment begins to fail, however, it is only then that socialist regimes are defined as not real. The fact of the matter is that socialist regimes have often had a rocky start, with many economists and political scientists praising their policies.


Is Socialism the failed idea that never dies? Cubans are living proof of that. They have participated in agrarian reform, fought CIA-armed bandits and struggled to administer state enterprises. They went through the heroic Bay of Pigs revolution and the October missile crisis. Despite these challenges, the Cuban masses continue to work for socialism. Their legacy will endure.

East Germany

Socialists should read Socialism the Failed Idea That Never Dies by Kristian Niemietz. This book outlines how socialist ideologies have failed to bring about the world we know today. Niemietz documents how socialist projects were never seriously criticized while they were in their infancy, but are labeled fake only after the failure became apparent. In a book like this, it is necessary to think outside the box and consider other possibilities.


In 1991, both Slovenia and Croatia broke away from the socialist regime. The citizens of Slovenia and Croatia resented the central government’s policy of confiscatory taxes and equalization. Meanwhile, the central government levied equalization taxes to fund development projects in the poorer republics and services for the autonomous province of Kosovo. Until then, these redistributive policies were tolerable as real incomes rose. However, once the economy began to falter, the policies were not only no longer acceptable, they were unsustainable.


While Vietnam’s socialist project failed, it never truly died. The Communist party was led by strong factions who defended the socialist project and worked to reduce poverty. When the war ended, 70% of the population lived below the official poverty line, but that number dropped to 58% by 1992 and 32% by 2000. In addition, the government began to build primary schools for every community, and the basic structure for free healthcare. Despite the failed idea, socialist factions still maintained enough political muscle to steer the new capitalist vehicle, which lasted until the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.


Despite the failure of socialist policies, Frelimo’s political vision remains unshakeable. The party promised a new national identity and policies to transform the lives of the poor. The state would play a role in empowering people, rather than the other way around. The socialist movement ultimately failed, but there is hope for the future of the Mozambique Republic. Read on to learn more about the failed idea of Socialism in Mozambique.


In Nicaragua, socialism has been a failure in every respect, as the population has been largely unemployed for decades. In 1981, the country’s cotton harvest, which usually lasts from December to March, remained incomplete until May. The result was that the following coffee and cotton harvests were severely hindered by labor shortages. The government imposed social legislation and protected the right to unionize, which only served to fuel the conflict. Between 1981 and 1983, a new wave of land confiscation began, as a new agrarian law expropriated abandoned farms and properties that didn’t meet minimum standards. Ultimately, the government distributed nearly three-quarters of the country’s land to rural villagers.

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