The Logimore App – Who is Logimore Limited?


You may have heard of the Logimore app, but do you know about the company behind it? This start-up was founded on 2015-04-22, and it had its registered office in Chesham, UK. However, the company has dissolved since it no longer exists. This article will explain more about the app, and the company itself. Its founders have a passion for making information available for free. However, before you download the app, make sure to read the legal information and disclaimers.


The business profile of LOGIMORE LIMITED provides important information about the company. Founded on 2015-04-22, this company was based in Chesham. It has since been dissolved on 2017-05-09 and is no longer trading. Despite this, LOGIMORE LIMITED has a positive attitude towards sharing its information to the public. We are here to help you find the best prospects for your business. By using our search feature, you can easily find the best prospects in your industry and identify decision-makers and buying groups.

LOGIMORE LIMITED was founded on 2015-04-22

LOGIMORE LIMITED was established on 2015-04-22. Its registered office was in Chesham. The company was dissolved on 2017-05-09. It no longer trades and is not currently active. As a start-up, we believe in making information available to the general public. LOGIMORE LIMITED is no longer trading. However, we are happy to provide a history of the company for those who are interested.


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