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DeVry Greenhouses

DeVry greenhouses are located in Langley, BC and offer an extensive selection of plants, herbs, vegetables, hanging baskets, and more. Since 2004, the company has doubled its greenhouse operation and has grown into a local, one-stop shop for hanging baskets, herbs, and vegetables. The company also started greenhouse construction in 2007 to increase its capacity and expand their product line. It now serves customers from all over British Columbia and beyond.

More than 60 varieties of herbs and vegetables

DeVry greenhouses offer a wide variety of herbs and vegetables, and they use the slow-release fertilizer system in its hanging baskets. This fertiliser serves as a “breakfast” for the plants in the baskets,Click so they will grow and thrive over time. They also have a Hanging Basket and Planter Committee, which monitors the performance of the baskets and works to improve the program. They use various container suppliers to bring in high-quality containers, and they also create attractive pot designs.

Premium hedging cedars

Starting as a hobby, DeVry Greenhouses now has over one million premium hedging cedars growing in their high-quality fields. These trees are available in a wide range of sizes, from #1 to #10. The company controls the entire process from planting to harvest, and the result is premium quality. They combine the robustness of field grown cedar with the off-season performance of container-grown trees.

Cedars are disease resistant and can be planted as single specimens, in clusters for privacy, and in containers. They prefer well-drained soil and full sun or partial shade. Cedars that grow in partial shade can begin to look wilted and ragged. In order to keep them looking their best, fertilize them early in the spring. They also require a period of dormancy over the winter.

Complete line of annuals

Originally a small operation, DeVry greenhouses have grown into a full-service greenhouse solution for growing annuals, herbs, vegetables and hanging baskets. The greenhouses are located in Langley, BC and Chilliwack, BC. The company has over 18 acres of greenhouse space and delivers to all 50 states and Canada.

Consumers are increasingly interested in perennials and shrubs that bloom year-round. Plant breeders are working to develop varieties with repeat blooming abilities. The new trend is expected to change the annuals business. Consumers are also defining annuals differently than they were in the past. The traditional lines of bloom time and cold hardiness are becoming a thing of the past.

Great place to work

Devry greenhouses is a great place to work if you’re passionate about gardening. Not only are you surrounded by like-minded people, you’ll also be rewarded for your initiative and hard work. You’ll have a great work environment with no two days the same, which is ideal for fostering innovation and a strong sense of teamwork.

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