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A Brief Profile of Concut, WA and Concut Kent WA Principals

Concut Kent WA is a metal working machinery manufacturing company based in Kent, WA, United States. With a total workforce of 38, this company generates a total of $5.64 million in sales annually. Concut, Inc. is part of four corporate families. The following information about the company’s principals and contacts is estimated. You may contact the company’s representatives to obtain further information. The following list contains a listing of the company’s employees and other information.

Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing Industry

The Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing Industry in Concut, Washington, is a small business with modest annual sales. There are four corporate families in the area and a total of 38 employees. Depending on the business sector, there may be as many as 100 employees. The company is in the process of growing, and will likely continue to grow over the next five years. The following information will provide a brief profile of Concut Kent WA and its principals and contacts.

The Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing industry is small and highly fragmented. More than half of the companies in the industry employ fewer than 10 people, and the top four companies together hold less than 10% of the industry’s total market value. Larger companies in this industry include Haas Automation Inc. and Kennametal Inc, both of which were recently purchased by Pivet Fund Management LLC.

Diamond Cutting Tools

DDM Concut Diamond Tools are manufacturers of various cutting tools with diamonds as its main ingredient. This company also manufactures and distributes diamond blades, core bits, and concrete construction tools. Explore their complete profile to learn more about the company. You may also read their latest press releases. We take a closer look at their products. You will find the diamond cutting tools that are suitable for your project. You can choose between wet and dry cutting tools as per your preference.

Diamond Cutting Tools for Turning

As the name suggests, diamond turning is a multi-stage machining process in which a tool with a diamond tip presses against the rotating workpiece to remove material. This type of machining is most common in optical lens manufacturing. The process produces clear and transparent surfaces, making it an ideal choice for manufacturing these components. During the manufacturing process, the form and surface finish are monitor with optical microscopes, laser interferometers, and contact and laser profilometers.

Other applications for diamond turning include non-linear and infrared optical components. The diamonds used in this process are perfect for the cutting of potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP), a material that is water soluble. Conventional methods are ineffective in converting KDP into optical components. Using diamond turning technology allows these materials to turned and shaped precisely. This process produces precision parts without sacrificing accuracy.

Diamond Cutting Tools for Boring

Abrasive materials are extremely hard and can cause the matrix of diamond cutting tools to wear out quickly. This continuous grinding and wearing process continues until the entire tool is “worn out.” After the blade wears down, only a small, unusable portion of the rim or segment remains. If the job is small and the tool is cheap, it might be worth investing in a higher-quality diamond cutting tool. The cost per cut will be lower than the alternative.

PCD Endmills are design with a high rake angle insert to minimize burr creation. This improves surface finish, making them suitable for non-ferrous metals or reinforced plastics. Boring tools typically function to enlarge holes. PCD Boring Tools offer high-precision and excellent finishing quality. Combined with PCD Forming Tools, they can shorten the cycle time. Alternatively, you can also use conventional boring tools.

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