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The latest headlines about the political situation in Pakistan are reported by various channels, including the national-level ARY news. The government’s announcement of Lt Gen Anjum as the new ISI chief drew widespread protests from the opposition parties and proscribed outfits. The government subsequently withheld the notification. The result was protests in several cities, including Lahore and Islamabad. PIA and Afghan carrier Kam Air were forced to cut prices of ticket prices.

In Pakistan, Hamid Mir has been charged with treason and has been arrested for blasphemy. The country’s power supply was interrupted during Firdaus Ashiq Awan’s press conference following a load-shedding issue blamed on the PMLN. Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, tennis star Mira Sethi shares her personal experience at a press conference. And of course, the world’s leading news channel, WION, also delivers the latest in world news online.

The BBC News offers breaking news, video, and audio from all corners of the globe, including the Pakistani conflict. It also offers a weekly magazine that features stories of a local perspective. The first broadcast of BBC’s News took place in 1957, when Sir Mortimer Wheeler describes the findings of the Mohenjo-daro excavations. Geo TV is Pakistan’s most popular news channel, offering a daily Christian world view.

The emergence of a new 24-hour news channel in Pakistan is a sign of the changing dynamics in the country. G-TV, based in Lahore, provides a wide range of international and local news. It has a daily program on business, technology, and science. Its website also provides comprehensive news updates, exclusive videos, and updated maps. There are many other sources of news in Pakistan, so keep your eyes peeled.

The country has experienced a number of recent events that have thrown the country into turmoil. A recent attack on a Sri Lankan factory manager, allegedly on a religion-based site, sparked a fire that killed more than 100 people. The blaze has prompted a massive humanitarian response and has sparked riots in several cities across Pakistan. In addition to the bombing, there have been other events in the country.

As Pakistan continues to grapple with the effects of terrorist attacks and a lack of food supplies, the country’s prime minister has urged Muslims to donate to the nation’s relief efforts. The humanitarian crisis is also affecting the economy. A number of major companies in Pakistan have ceased operations or have filed for bankruptcy. Moreover, the government is preventing businesses from investing in the country. This has led to a massive decrease in foreign direct investment in the country.

During the recent Khyber elections, Pakistani citizens have been shocked to learn about a number of attacks on Sri Lankans. The EC of Pakistan has ordered re-polling of the area after incidents erupted in the first phase of the elections. The killing was a case of blasphemy and was investigated by the International Criminal Court of Justice. The bodies responsible were arrested and their bodies were flown back to their native country.

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