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How to login Brightspace Carleton

Teachers at Carleton University wanted a learning management system Brightspace Carleton that was easy to use, allowed for the visualization of data, and promoted student success. They found Brightspace to meet their needs for both ease of use and powerful features. They also appreciated D2L’s commitment to student success, ongoing partnership, and high performance.

Login to

Login to Brightspace is a great way to keep track of your class schedule, and it also gives you access to a host of resources, including a support portal. If you need assistance, you can always submit a support request in the portal or contact Teaching and Learning Services. The Brightspace team is available to assist you with your inquiries at any time.

Brightspace is an online learning platform designed for educational and research purposes. The open design of the platform makes it easy for students and educators to engage in collaboration. It also allows users to use multiple tools in order to create a dynamic portfolio. With its wide-ranging features, Brightspace is a perfect fit for Carleton University, and can benefit students in a number of ways.

You can also access Brightspace from any computer, tablet, or phone. It’s a great tool for teachers to provide students with digital portfolios, assessment tools, and online class activities. The system also includes a parent login option, which allows parents to see their child’s digital portfolio and receive notifications from their child’s class.


Brightspace is a collaborative online learning management system that provides a wide range of features to educators, students, and instructors. The system uses a user-friendly design and intuitive features to foster collaboration and communication among students, faculty, and instructors. Brightspace provides educators and students with a robust platform to build their skills and enhance student success.

Carleton educators were looking for a learning management system that would allow them to track student progress, provide rich data visualization, Click and allow for a flexible environment. When they tried Brightspace, they found the system to be easy to use and a powerful tool to support their online learning and teaching. The system allows students and educators to access the content they need anytime, anywhere.

Brightspace’s video and audio content is accessible to people with disabilities. Brightspace also provides accommodations for students with immunocompromised conditions.


Carleton University is making the switch to Brightspace, a new learning management system, from its current LMS, cuLearn. This new learning management system offers a simpler interface and a live support team. It will replace cuLearn as the university’s primary LMS in spring 2021. This winter, instructors will be able to try the new system in a limited pilot program.

The university has also been working on several major construction projects. For example, Carleton University has begun building a new building called the ARISE Building, which will house applied research in smart technology. In addition, the university has purchased the Dominion-Chalmers United Church in Ottawa, which will become a cultural and academic hub.

Carleton University’s campus is comprised of 153 acres. It is bordered by Bronson Avenue, the Rideau Canal, and the Rideau River. The university is also adjacent to the Dominion Arboretum and Central Experimental Farm. It is home to a variety of buildings, including MacOdrum Library, Tory Building, and Paterson Hall.

Accessibility for students with immunocompromised conditions

Students with immunocompromised conditions may request accommodations for Brightspace Carleton courses, which are free and recorded. Students with these conditions can also apply for special accommodations through the Paul Menton Centre. Depending on the nature of their condition, recorded courses may not be available in the same location as in-person classes.

Educators at Carleton wanted a flexible learning management system that was easy to use and had rich data visualization. Brightspace met all of their needs. The system allows students to collaborate, organize discussions, share coursework, and create customized learning paths. Its adaptive learning features help students stay on track and provide personalized feedback. The system also features social and gamification features and video capabilities.

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