What you need to know about NSCC Ivany campus

nscc ivany campus
nscc ivany campus
nscc ivany campus

Located on the Halifax Harbor, the NSCC Ivany campus offers spectacular views of the city. The campus also features free on-campus parking. It also boasts a Centre for Built Environment, a collaborative space with research and learning labs. Students from across the province can work on projects at the Centre. The campus also hosts an online radio station operated by students enrolled in the Radio, Television and Journalism program. The student radio station features original work produced by students and award-winning faculty.

Student housing

The announcement that Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) will be building more student housing at their Ivany campus is welcome news for local students and residents. Daniel Turner, a student at the college, Click lives outside of Dartmouth and applauds the province’s move. He believes the new housing will improve accessibility and sustainability for students. He says he’s confident that the school has enough space for the new residences.

The construction of the new student residences at NSCC Ivany Campus is set to start in 2024-25. Several public tenders have been issued for the project. The site of the new residences will be located next to the existing parking area and close to a popular multi-use trail.

The campus is home to the Centre for the Built Environment (CBE), a building that integrates the built environment and natural environment. This building is more than eleven thousand square feet and includes a building systems monitoring research lab. The data collected here is used to help students understand and improve the built environment.

Online radio station

The NSCCC Ivany campus features a number of exciting features, including free on-site parking and stunning views of Halifax Harbor. The school also has an emphasis on sustainable building practices, and the Design and Innovation Centre is a hub for research and learning. In the centre, students and faculty work together to produce new technology and products. The campus is also easily accessible by public transportation.

The NSCC Ivany Campus hosts an online radio station called the “Platypus.” The college has five academic schools, which offer more than 120 degree programs. The college offers courses and specialized institutes that address the labour market needs of Nova Scotia. Its students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while attending classes that are less expensive than university degrees.

Environmentally-friendly campus

The NSCCC Ivany campus is environmentally friendly and designed to encourage the use of sustainable building practices. Its green roof and living walls are a showcase for restorative design, blending built and natural environments. The campus also participates in Nova Scotia’s Solar Electricity for Community Buildings pilot program.

The Ivany campus is home to a living wall, which was originally designed to test the effects of permanent living walls in colder climates. It is visible and engages the community, as well as the college community. It is a good example of how the college can be an environmental leader in the area. Although it has a long way to go, it is already taking steps to improve its energy efficiency.

In 2019, NSCC recertified its STARS Gold Rating for sustainability. This is the highest score among Canadian colleges and universities, placing it in the top four post-secondary institutions. The university first received this rating in 2013, and has since implemented many more sustainable measures. For example, a compost system supports the cafeteria’s organic waste, and hydration stations keep thousands of plastic bottles out of the waste stream.

What you need to know about CUNYfirst Hunter

cunyfirst hunter
cunyfirst hunter

CUNYfirst Hunter is an integrated student, faculty, and staff management portal that integrates with university departments to simplify the process of student, faculty, and staff management. Its PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade offers a new user interface and vendor support for years to come. Also upgrading its Campus Solutions, Financial, and HR systems in two phases.

CUNYfirst Hunter

CUNYfirst is a campus management system for CUNY that will help to streamline administrative processes for students and faculty. It will allow faculty to manage student records more effectively and provide staff with the tools to improve interactions with students. The new system will allow students to make appointments with faculty and connect with advisors.

Students can create a Hunter account to use as their college’s network ID. It will then serve as their log in for various campus resources. Once created, a user can log in to their accounts using their unique three to eight-character alphanumeric identifier. They can also change the prefix and suffix that are associated with their account.

PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade

With the PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade, CUNYfirst has changed the way that students and faculty interact with the program. It offers a new, modern tile-based interface that scales to any display size and is mobile-friendly. It also features enhanced search capabilities, making it easier to find the functions you need.

There are a few things to consider before you start upgrading. The first step is to determine the hardware and software requirements for the PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade. If you are upgrading the software, you will need to have a computer that can run the upgrade. Make sure that your system has at least a 2.0 GPA.

To help you prepare for the upgrade, check out the CUNYfirst help desk. Its Web page contains an overview of the upgrade, introductory videos, and announcements. There are also links to Campus Solutions content, the CIS Technology Training SharePoint site, and other supporting materials.

Single sign-on website

CUNYfirst is a fully integrated system, and users should never share their login information with others. Sharing your log in information will allow others to see your personal information, and it will undermine CUNYfirst’s strong security. It is also a way for identity thieves to gain access to your accounts.

CUNY’s single sign-on website allows users to access multiple applications with one account. The user enters a single user name and password once and it will authenticate them to all the applications they use. The user may also access applications hosted on the cloud or on-prem. This system is also known as a login portal.

The ePermit website allows students to take a course at a CUNY college or university. Students must have an approved ePermit to apply. If a student is not sure about the ePermit website, they can check their account for the relevant courses. They should also check the dates of their enrollment appointments. Those who have scheduled an appointment should make it at least one day in advance.


CUNYfirst Hunter College provides many benefits to students. The school offers a variety of services, including a prestigious scholarship program, study abroad opportunities, and internships. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.Hunter students are committed to their education and to helping their communities. They also participate in civic and charity organizations, and many are awarded National Institutes of Health grants and Fulbright scholarships.

Students who are interested in taking courses at other colleges must apply through the Hunter ePermit system. To apply, students must have an approved ePermit or permit. Students should follow the steps listed in their ePermit guides to find an open course at another CUNY college or university. It is best to submit the application as early as possible, but students should allow enough time for the host school to process the application.


Hunter employees and faculty have the opportunity to receive free tuition for any CUNY College. However, there are some conditions that must be met in order to receive a free tuition waiver. The first criterion is full-time employment. The second is a 6-month service requirement. Additionally, the waiver covers tuition only and does not cover non-instructional fees or student fees. To qualify for this waiver, applicants must complete a new employee application and submit supporting documents before starting work.

Is an online identity platform that enables Hunter employees to access a range of resources and information. Each user has a unique identifier, known as CUNYfirst, that enables them to sign in to using their credentials. The sign-in button can found under the Services section of the Hunter website. Upon completion, the user must designate an email address to receive password reset links.

The Isoprep Army Requires You to Register

isoprep army
isoprep army

The Isoprep Army web site may contain content that is restricted to registered members or visitors. You can access this content by registering with your email address and password. The registration process will require you to enter your Username and Password, so make sure you have those ready. After you register, you can access all the content you can find on the site. If you forget your Username or Password, you can reset it on the Isoprep Army’s web site.

DD Form 1833 Isoprep Army

The DD Form 1833 is a special form that must be completed by a representative of the US Army during a mission. It is known as ISOPREP and is designed to help military personnel recover from their isolation. ISOPREP was created by the Department of Defense to improve the efficiency of tracking military personnel and their personal information. Typically, the form is completed online but in rare instances, a hard copy is required.

In the Army, all personnel traveling outside the country must submit the DD Form 1833 for ISOPREP. The Army uses a Pre-OCONUS travel file (PRO-File), which is a file that a service member completes when leaving the country. The information in this file is then transferred to the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency and used to populate the digital ISOPREP on the SIPRnet. Only the PRO-File data are approved for use on the Unclassified systems.

Pre-OCONUS travel file (PRO-File)

The Pre-OCONUS travel file is used by all Army personnel, including military and Army civilian personnel. The PRO-File allows them to fill in fillable fields to create a legally binding electronic document. In order to access the PRO-File,Click they must first submit a new survey. Once you have submitted the survey, you can only access the data that you have entered.

Authentication number

The DoD Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) form includes the Authentication Number and Authentication Statements. These documents serve as proof of identity in the event of kidnapping. These documents are required of military personnel and private contractors who work for the CCMR. The form must be filled out and submitted to a designated point of contact of the CCMR. A person’s Authentication Statements must include information like:

ISOPREP is an important tool for the military and civilians in war zones. It can save the lives of civilian employees and military personnel alike. In a war zone, an ISOPREP report is essential for the recovery effort. However, this report is classified and may contain sensitive information. The military keeps this information secret, but it may be needed during a recovery effort. Hence, it is critical that the individual fill out the ISOPREP card correctly to protect their lives.


ISOPREP stands for Individual Soldier’s Authentication Program. The ISOPREP is the individual soldier’s most important authentication tool. All ISOPREPs are created on unclassified systems. The Army requires that soldiers renew their ISOPREPs every six to twelve months. For military personnel, the renewal is easier and more convenient than undergoing an entire revalidation process. There are a couple of steps that you need to take in order to renew your ISOPREP.

Contact form

You can contact the ISOPREP Army directly via the contact form provided below. This form will help you to fill out your application and provide any additional information. There are no security concerns about submitting your application – you don’t need to worry about any of your personal information being revealed. The form can be filled out without any problems and should only take a few minutes to fill out. You should not include any sensitive personal information.

An ISOPREP card is a document that contains the contact information and pictures of an isolated person. It also contains demographic information and personal information that is known only to the person. It also includes a section that asks you to provide a brief personal statement. You should include enough information in this section to enable the recovery team to create four questions to help them identify you. Once they have all four answers, they should be able to positively identify the person.